Friday, 1 January 2010

New ways of keeping New Year's Resolutions

Published in January issue of Running In Heels which can be found here.

Once again it’s that time of year when around 50% of us will make a new year’s resolution, but as we know actually keeping them is a task too difficult for many of us to cope with. In fact statistics show that the majority of us who decide to make a resolution will give up within the first week, so here are some ideas to help you stick with it.

Help is largely at hand thanks to our friend the internet. Hassle Me is the digital equivalent of plastering post-it notes around the house reminding you of your resolution – be it to give up smoking or to eat more fruit, getting to the gym or practicing the piano.

Simply type in your resolution, set the frequency and Hassle Me will do just that – it will send you ‘hassle’ via email. Although you choose how often you’d ideally like to be hassled, Hassle Me can be a bit cheeky and will give you hassle at semi-unpredictable intervals. You can also check out what other people are being hassled about so you shouldn’t feel too picked on!

If sharing the resolution-keeping struggle with others is what you’re after however, then look no further than the 100 Days project or One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person to give it’s full name. Started by young, fun, British comedian Josie Long – the project aims to get everyone completing a good deed or task every day.

You register on the site with your pledge which then must be fulfilled every day for 100 days, or, as the site says, longer if the spirit of good will takes hold. The caveat is that you then have to document your efforts where possible and keep everyone else taking part in the project updated on your progress by posting comments and photos on the site.

Of course you really have to be quite dedicated to keep posting updates but on the plus side the messages of encouragement and community sprit within the project might be all you need to keep going.

And that really is the key to making a resolution work, even without the use of a computer the principles remain the same. You have to really want to keep your resolution and focus on the end result whatever it may be. Sharing your resolution with others may also be a good idea, even if it is just a couple of close friends and don’t be afraid to update them with how you’re doing.

Happy resolution-keeping new year!

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