Monday, 29 December 2008

Songbook 1

My favourite song is Sleep by The Dandy Warhols, incidentally my favourite band - if you haven't listened to them then I seriously recommend it. The layering of instruments and vocals is really beautiful and proof of their musicianship. It's a haunting song which manages to simultaneously make you think about sad times and good ones.

An explanation

It Was All One Stream or technically " was all one stream" comes from Virginia Woolf's brilliant book To The Lighthouse.

It's spoken by Mrs Ramsay, a woman who is mother to eight children and wife to the distant and logical Mr Ramsay. Mrs Ramsay symbolises a few ideas in Woolf's book namely Woolf's own mother, beauty and creativity - but the thing which has stayed with me most is the attitude to life which she embodies.

In Lighthouse I interpret the stream as a metaphor for human unity. I quite like to envisage everything and everyone in the same stream, drifting and floating but travelling with some purpose, sometimes drifting all alone, sometimes bumping into others - some who stay with us for the duration of our journey - some who find an alternative current and float away. Sometimes finding obstacles which we can easily overcome, other times coming crashing in on the sharp rocks which take us a little longer to get over but ultimately the stream babbles on and we all go along with it and we enjoy it.

I think that sums up the view I like to take on life, I am unashamedly an eternal optimist but that is not to say I think life hands us everything on a plate. It regularly takes hard work to get where you want to be but I also believe in karma and if you put good into the world you will always be rewarded.

I am hoping that I will always keep this philosophy in mind even when writing my blog, which, at the moment appears to me to as a rough bit of the stream which I am yet to overcome but I hope will be quite a therapeutic exercise in arranging my thoughts as well as a great place to practice and publish my writing.