Sunday, 31 January 2010

2 reasons to get excited:

1. Hot Chip's new album 'One Life Stand' comes out tomorrow. There have been previews of it all this week on The Guardian's music pages and on their myspace page. After a couple of listens this track 'I Feel Better' stands out to me. This album screams out for a dance floor and a few hundred revellers and I can't wait to be one of them.

2. Yeasayer bring out their second album 'Odd Blood' on Monday 8 February and it is sure to be amazing if this track 'One' from the album is anything to go by. It's like the perfect up beat party track, encapsulating everything that is great about the electro-world-beat psychedelic-pop (yes I did just mash all those terms together. You try describing it) sound that Yeasayer have been championing and can be heard all over the place from Animal Collective to Friendly Fires' latest offering 'Kiss of Life'. Its even got some 80's influences shoved in for good measure, I'm sure if you strain your ears hard enough you can hear a bit of Madonna 'Material Girl' in there somewhere. You can download this track for absolutely free on their website here.

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