Monday, 28 September 2009

What Fourth Plinth?

I finally made it down to Trafalgar Square to see the fourth plinth on a very sunny September afternoon yesterday. Turns out I didn't time my visit very well.

The main reason for my trip was to see the fourth plinth in action - I had watched the live stream of the Antony Gormley art project which places a member of the public on the plinth every hour and around the clock for 100 days but I hadn't seen it in the flesh. Trafalgar Square was alive with a mass of people as usual but not so usual was the music from singers, performers and catwalk shows - all going on to celebrate London Week of Peace. I sat on the steps outside the National Portrait Gallery for over an hour taking in the scene and oops! I didn't glance up at the fourth plinth - not even once! When I did eventually remember to walk over to the plinth the middle aged man on top of it - who on any other occasion would have been enjoying being centre of attention and perhaps enlightening me in a way that I will now never know - had apparently given up and was instead choosing to use the remainder of his time to sit, sunbathe and enjoy the talent concert with the other couple of thousand of people in the square. Poor plinth man!

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