Monday, 28 September 2009

Cartography matters

Tourists and Londers alike have had their knickers in a twist since the recent changes to the tube map, can't think why...

The decision by the mayor's office to remove the travel zones and the Thames from the new maps is apparently an attempt at 'decluttering' as the London transport network becomes more extensive. I'm presuming this decluttering is to make the map easier to read? Well yes,that blue squiggle slashing through the middle was rather an eyesore wasn't it? And those grey concentric circles did almost used to induce an immediate migraine if you so much as glanced at them. But hmmm...I suppose they were rather handy for working out where you were going. Oh! and how much you might have to pay to get there and if you had the right ticket.

As one of London's newest inhabitants I am hanging on tightly to my old battered pre September 15th map when the authorities didn't insult our intelligence by removing (allbeit rather important) clutter and expect us (newcomers and tourists included) to have an extensive knowledge of London's waterways already commited to memory.

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