Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Recent Discoveries

I don't know an awful lot about any of these artists other than the fact that I fudging love them and have been alternating between listening to all four on repeat over the last couple of weeks.

The Middle East really intrigue me, firstly because they are described as a 'musical collective' and not just a 'band' like everyone else and secondly because like many amazing bands I love - they really should be bigger than they are. The only album they have released, the imaginatively named 'The Recordings of the Middle East', is absolutely beautiful. Grizzly Bear obviously realised this because they got The Middle East on as support early in their most recent tour. Plus this music video is so lovely, so so lovely...

And I am totally sold on this particular track by Dan Auerbach but then I was always a bit partial to the musical stylings of Ray Lamontagne - to which this particular song sounds very similar. Having checked out his myspace, however, this is definitely a stand out track - eerie and pretty at the same time and even more so because of its simplicity.

First Aid Kit must be destined for great things, at least in the UK anyway. They manage to marry the female singer/songwriter thing with the folky thing - surely the holy grail of current popular music outfits?

Probably don't need to say much about Broken Bells, the pairing up of Danger Mouse and James Mercer of The Shins...it was always going to be this good wasn't it?

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